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So… How are you feeling today, what day quarantine are you on? (Still feels so weird to ask that to people around the world and know we are all in this together…) #stayhomestaysafe #PreQuarantinePhoto

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  1. I’m doing well. I’m sitting here watching your videos on YouTube. I need to go out and head to a grocery store a little later.

  2. I’ve lost my counting… i think its been a month already… Also lost the trap of what date and day… for me now its only “yesterday, today and tomorrow”. ??‍♀️ i hope its all will finish asap. Missing my cocktails by the sea??? Cyprus

  3. @piamuehlenbeck so beautiful I love your energy and good vibes that you bring us with your videos during this time ❤️ so thank you ☺️

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