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[AD – Paid] When you love your body & you’re confident it’s easy to think that o… : [AD – Paid] When you love your body & you’re confident it’s easy to think that other people are at the same point in their body confidence journey as you are, but there are always going to be people just this second, making their first steps into becoming more confident and then there will be the mega confident who appear to have absolutely no body-related issues.
I am body positive, but I am still human, and I can still be hit with low-confidence days. Thankfully, the slight issues I momentarily have with my body do not stop me from flashing the flesh and donning a bikini when I hit the beach!! I am very lucky in the fact that I feel confident enough to do that. We read countless posts telling us to just ‘get on with it’ but, just because it’s easy for one person, doesn’t mean it’ll be easy for others to just click their fingers and be ok with it.

I am often asked how I am so confident and although you can’t just take a pill one day & wake up confident; there are things you can do to help teach yourself to be kinder to yourself when you’re in a bikini and on the beach.

One of my biggest tips is: before the holiday, wear your fave swimwear around the house, get used to being in it, seeing yourself in it, moving in it. When you do hit the beach, it definitely won’t feel so alien to be in one!
Where are YOU at in your journey of self confidence?

Remember that #ThisBikiniCan & YOU can wear a bikini this summer.
Tagging @style_mum + @calliethorpe and I’m challenging you guys to get yourselves into a bikini ASAP this summer… before this sun disappears again! ?✨ #nationalbikiniday @onthebeachholidays

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