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[AD -Paid] I want to start a conversation about when it is that YOU feel at your… : [AD -Paid] I want to start a conversation about when it is that YOU feel at your most confident. I think everyone’s answer will differ and I think it would be a mix of talking about inner confidence and your confidence, linking to your outward appearance.

For me… my confidence comes from within. I’ve always been pretty confident, I’m very lucky in that aspect. I feel pretty sure of who I am, what I want from life & I know that even with my faults, I’m a good person on the inside.

Now, because I’m human… the doubts set in and sometimes it doesn’t matter how many pep talks my friends give me, how much time I spend reading self-help articles; sometimes I just feel a bit low and need a little boost. Sometimes all I need is to have a ‘me day’ where I’ll shave my entire body, moisturise every inch of me and slather on some @sttropeztan fake tan. Call me shallow, but I sometimes feel at my most confident when I’m smooth & glowing (as if I’ve been on a two week holiday) and I wonder, does anyone else relate? ✨ P.s You can currently save a 1/3 off @bootsuk
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