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[#AD] The TV, a magical box which enables me to zone out from the world. Watchin… : [#AD] The TV, a magical box which enables me to zone out from the world. Watching films is absolutely a form of mindfulness & with @skytv #SkyCinema you’re never stuck for options. During lockdown I’ve revisited some of my all time faves as well as catching some of the latest must see films. I thought I’d list 5 of the most memorable films I’ve watched that you must see…

Disney’s The Lion King – a CLASSIC. Who hasn’t watched this film? It’s one of those films that you can enjoy at any age, the sound track is one of the best & it’s a film I rewatch time and time again. 

BlacKkKlansman – this film by Spike Lee & produced by the same team as Get Out, pulls from history whilst offering us a very up to date commentary on current life. Ron Stallworth played by John David Washington is one of the first African-American detectives to serve in the police. Determined to make a name for himself, he sets out to infiltrate & expose the KKK. This film is thought provoking & a must watch. (TW: Contains racial epithets) 

Bridesmaids – this is the sort of film I like to put on when my chronic pain is bad, my concentration is all over the place and I just need to laugh. That scene on the plane when Kristen Wiig gets super drunk ~ iconic! 

Top Gun – this film is RIDICULOUS but I couldn’t leave it off my list. The soundtrack alone is phenomenal and I have my brother to blame for my Top Gun obsession. If you haven’t seen Top Gun then where have you been?!

A Star is Born – a relatively new film but one that I couldn’t get out of my mind the moment I watched it. Again, a killer soundtrack and who knew a romance between Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper is everything we needed to get through 2018. This film makes me tear up, mostly because I think of my beautiful Mum belting out every single song and that woman has the voice of an angel! 

Head to my stories for a link to Sky Cinema & to check out all the amazing must see movies waiting for you.

What’s your must see film recommendation? That one film EVERYONE should watch. No snobbishness here…if you love it, tell me!


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