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Black Lives Matter.
Systemic racism is very, very real and if you’re white and … : Black Lives Matter.
Systemic racism is very, very real and if you’re white and reading this, now is the time, if you haven’t already to listen to black voices, educate yourselves and understand the huge amount of privilege you have. As a white person you will never be hated for the colour of your skin like black people are. Black people fear for their lives every single day. As a white person your skin colour won’t negatively impact things like your health or job opportunities

If you’re struggling with knowing what you can do; swipe for some resources including books you can read, podcasts you can listen to, organisations you can follow and even films/shows you can watch that all centre around understanding white privilege, white supremacy, racism past & present. Credit: @goodgoodgoodco

As well as the above, please don’t just swipe past stories or posts that are dedicated to #blacklivesmatter. If I can influence you to buy a face cream or pretty dress, I can also use my platform to elevate the voices of black people and show you how YOU too can be an ally. I too am doing all this, I don’t want this to come across as preachy.

Black people are tired. Really, really tired. This is their everyday. If you’re bothered by the influx of people sharing posts on this topic; check your privilege and understand black people don’t get a day off from this shit.
Donate, sign petitions when you see them, educate yourselves. We’re all stuck at home with family members/friends at the moment… use this time to talk to them and educate them. Call people out when you hear them being racist. As I always say, you need to diversify your social media feeds. (Please bare in mind that a lot of the black people being tagged and labelled as ‘resources’ or ‘educators’ are very much human and boundaries need to be respected. Do not fill their inboxes with questions or statements…many of them are experiencing a huge influx of followers and are TIRED! – use Google if you have questions.) Hire black people. Buy from black owned businesses. “Fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself” – @ijeomaoluo
Illustration by @sacree_frangine

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