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*TW: Weight gain chat*

Silencing the voices in my head that’ve been telling me… : *TW: Weight gain chat*

Silencing the voices in my head that’ve been telling me off because I’ve not exercised in weeks, feel stagnant and have absolutely put weight on.
I’ve already seen the post-lockdown diet chat all over Twitter. Ignore, mute, block. It’s exactly the same as it is post-Christmas. During the festive season the media pushes indulgence on everyone and then come January the media scolds you for gaining wait and urges you to join the gym.
For me, the last few months have been about survival and staying COVID free. It’s been a tough few months and just getting through each day has been hard enough as it is! Add a chronic pain condition into the mix and it’s been tough mustering the energy to exercise.

I think its important to share that even though I am confident, I have self doubts and months where I’m hard on myself. I’ll look at my naked body and say unkind things about it. I’ll try on my clothes and hate how I look.

The only takeaway from all this rambling is that even if you don’t exercise, you’ve not worked out during lockdown, you’ve stayed at home and gained wait; that’s totally ok and you’re not a bad person. You don’t owe anybody a single thing. Your body, your way of coping, your rules.

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