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The same old face, but with a completely different mind set regarding how I’m go… : The same old face, but with a completely different mind set regarding how I’m going to move forward with my career.

I’ve been giving some serious thought to how I’ll use my platform in a better, more inclusive way and how I want to amplify more marginalised voices.

I want to amplify & promote smaller businesses more, as well as the bigger brands that often pay the rent. It’s the very least I can do!!! Especially black-owned businesses.

I am under no illusions that as a white, cis, hour glass, plus size woman I have been one of the go-to’s for brands when they have wanted to feature an influencer. Although I know I have worked hard, with a chronic illness and somewhat deserve some of the great opportunities that I have been offered there are SO many amazingly stylish, talented, creative black women & POC that deserve FAR MORE recognition than they currently receive. For the last 7 years I have often dragged brands on Twitter, highlighted a lack of diversity in campaigns, checked to see if guest lists were inclusive; but I’ve not done this every time. I promise to be more critical of campaigns that are offered to me, highlight more black creators, queer creators, disabled creators and ask these brands the uncomfortable questions.

I’m gunna use the many privileges that I do have, to do better and be a better ally.

Ps if you’re a fan of candles, I have listed 11 UK Black-Owned businesses in my instastories & you NEED to check out. I’ve bought a tonne…I can’t stop buying candles, I’m truly obsessed! ??

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