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We’re not done saying #blacklivesmatter on this page! Don’t stop caring now that… : We’re not done saying #blacklivesmatter on this page! Don’t stop caring now that the #BLM posts are dwindling and your timelines are returning to normal. Black people are still being murdered… #ElijahMcClain was murdered whilst walking home. #BreonnaTaylor’s murderers still haven’t been charged… the list goes on.

It’s still as important as ever to look at what YOU can personally do, day to day to make sure you’re an ally and anti-racist. Did you read that book you bought and snapped a picture of for your stories? Did you listen to the podcasts? Did you watch the recommended films? Did you correct your family member after hearing them say something that was micro-aggressive? Did you discuss diversity at your place of work?

There’s so many things that we can all do to make sure we diversify our day to day lives.

Need to buy something? Find a minority-owned company. Need to hire somebody? Hire a black person. Fancy a new book? Buy from a black author. Kids need a new book/toy? Diversify the things they’ll read/play with.

Black Lives Still Matter.
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