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On average, I think I leave the house approximately 4 days out of 7. This is due… : On average, I think I leave the house approximately 4 days out of 7. This is due to my chronic pain and the impact that has on my physical health, as well as my mental health.
Now I’m very aware that I have the privilege of being freelance, and being my own boss which therefore allows me to stay home so often. I know a lot of people in my position aren’t afforded that privilege. It’s still hard though. Being in pain EVERYDAY, is really hard. It’s so tiring. I can’t keep up with everyone else I know. I can’t do all the jobs I wish I could. I miss holidays with my friends, work trips, family things. I’ve been sitting on Instagram recently getting sucked in by the “I’m not doing enough with my life” type feelings. I sit watching my peers smashing week after week, mostly on looking from my sofa. It’s really hard not to feel jealous. I grieve my life before my Fibromyalgia. It’s hard. But you know what? When I do get a killer job, I put every last bit of effort into it, I’m lucky to have the best friends who always look after me. I’m lucky with my small family as well, I feel loved, even if I don’t remember that everyday. Having a chronic pain condition can feel very isolating. This post is for those of you who are sat right now, in pain, sad, depressed, feeling lonely, anxious… these are things that I regularly feel but don’t often share on my “glamorous” insta grid. Here’s to sharing how we feel, there’s no shame in that. #worldmentalhealthday

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