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Guess who won the cocktail competition?? Me or Kane?? ? We had the FUNNEST weekend last week at @HydePerth celebrating the last day of summer. Could I have worn a more summery outfit? Haha! If you want to watch our shenanigans, the vlog is live on YouTube and another fun one is going live tomorrow! Now, I need ideas for our next husband vs wife competition. ? I still maintain it should be swim based! ? @hydeperth #hydeperth #hydepoolside ?

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  1. You already have so many followers . I don’t know why you feel the need to buy them through the . Just not genuine. Pretty disappointing

  2. I love you crazy guys! Yor self quarentine Videos’ is a really good idea! As influencer you got the power to help the people to show / understand whats going on… #iorestoacasa #ichbleibezuhause #selfquarantine This Raffaele, I’m Italian Living since 2009 in Berlin, Germany.

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