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I’m already so excited to share what the new SLINKII brand direction will be with you! I hope you love it!

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  1. LAVENDER FRAGRANT LOVE—- Like roses making love with sun; my heard touches, my heard is caressed, your lavender fragrant dream. The passion in of your look accumulates my tears. And your smile, in the depths of my heart becomes a pearl. in the bosom of my wishes,the fellow of my waiting ,the desire of making you happy. I grow by shaking, in the mirrored cradles, the best bliss, to present you.

  2. Yass! Some constructive feedback I hope you don’t take the wrong way. Really happy to see less edited shots. Also your latest Byron video at the fancy Restaurant. So natural, funny, unscripted and uncontrived. Please do this more it’s heaps more endearing.

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