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@aspenskog in our custom made Taupe Sport Booty with white elastic waistband. I have a great relationship with the designer Kelly and she let me have some leggings made only for ? Caroline look Amazing in them. We have order moore babes ? Just wait! #fitnessfashionse #fitnessfashion #cutebootylounge #curves #fitness #fashion #scrunchbutt

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  1. @fitnessfashionse hi I’m trying to order these off your website but there is no size and add to cart option also it’s not in English how do I go about ordering these from you thanks

  2. @shellyscreechie Yes the pants are the brand Cute Booty Lounge but they made this combibation becuse i asked them too. Thats why Cute Booty dont sell them by them self. I asked them for just this color Taupe and White waist ? So the pants are Cute made for us at

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