Is it a good idea to have a rooftop tent?

Are car roof tents worth it?

Car roof tents can be a worthwhile investment for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy camping and want a convenient and comfortable way to sleep on the go.

Please check some advantages and disadvantages of roof tents to help you decide if they are worth it for you:


Convenience: Quick and easy way to set up camp without the need for a traditional tent and additional gear.

Comfort: Get comfortable sleeping experience than sleeping on the ground, especially if you have a high-quality mattress or pad.

Protection: Protect from insects, animals, and inclement weather.

Versatility: Car roof tents can be used from the desert to the mountains.


Price: They can be expensive, especially high-quality models. An average root tent starts from $2000. The best rooftop tents you can buy.

Installation: Time-consuming and may require additional equipment such as roof racks.

Wind noise: wind noise can be distracting and may require additional sound insulation.

Height restrictions: Car roof tents can add significant height to your vehicle, which can limit access to some areas, like parking garages and low-clearance bridges.

Overall, car roof tents can be worth the investment for outdoor enthusiasts who value convenience, comfort, and protection.

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