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This is me after all the heavy photo shoot makeup comes off. And in the last photo is my mother who NEVER wears makeup because she doesn’t need to she’s so beautiful inside and out ♥️ she’s a strong hard working woman and the most loving and supporting mom ever. She tailors my pants from my waist so that they fit me perfect and she takes my photos all the time! When ever I travel I’m always txting her, we never loose communication and when she was young she had a smaller waist and wider hips than me and she’s from a small town in Sinaloa Mexico so all the girls envied her.. she knows my pain and what I’ve been through and she’s my number one fan. She also has never drank alcohol in her life (same with my dad) and they both never go out they’re always home and they always show each other their love.. I admire both of my parents with a passion.. I tried to put on her wedding dress the other day and it didn’t fit me because her waist was way too tiny and that dress was made just for her ? she has 3 kids now, me being the oldest so her body has changed and she has never done any beauty treatments at all what so ever. She won’t even go to the spa with me because she doesn’t want anyone touching her lol that’s what she always says ? you know how Mexican moms are. Anyways I wrote too much already and most of you probably stopped reading a long time ago but I just wanted to share the relationship I have with my mom and the love I have for her.

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  1. Divina amor ❤️❤️❤️ sin maquillaje eres más divina eres original mamasita hermosa divina te amo ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I would feel like the luckiest person in the world if I had some one like you I wouldn’t care how she dressed as long as she was faithful. Talk to other guys or what ever would not question her at all. She would have all of my attention

  3. Both of your parents have never drank alcohol before ever? Not even once? That’s truly amazing! I’m a recovering addict/alcoholic myself and that it’s very admirable! Good for them!

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