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Thank you to everyone who watched my first YouTube video! I was really nervous about making it because I never talk about my private life and I’ve always only let people know so little about me, but I’m glad I opened up. They say the best way to get over things that have hurt you and traumatized you is by going back and accepting they happened and that they’re no longer a problem. I’m working on part 2 now! I just didn’t want to talk too much and bore everyone lol

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  1. here goes Let me just be real with you u are a beauty words in the dictionary can’t describe how beautiful you are and u seem cool chill af laid back well what I’m trying to say is I’m not here to waste your time or nothing like that I wanna know if we can talk get to know each other if I made your day imagine what I can do if I be in your life ? one Chance not 2 not 3 one shot with you and remember once you go black u never go back if it ain’t black is wack but yeah I won’t waste your time @jailyneojeda

  2. What do you need a man who love you I want to give your children because he loves you and that he will be a good father and a good husband to you and be there for you 100% of the way so I hope you find him if that’s what you want

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