Jailyne Ochoa Stunning Instagram Snapshot

I never knew bunnies licked you just like a puppy until I got this bunny. It’s normal right? Or is my bunny just weird lol #outfit @alvyluxe

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  1. I wanna kiss your sweet soft hands little bonny feel like in happy land i wanna feel your Love from your Heart be hold your hands and never give up my Darling in hole my Life I give to you My Heart keep it like that Love you so tight ?❤??

  2. You are all I see you are everything for me you are my Life you are all what I have in my Life my Love close up and personal my Darling I Love you J.O.O.❤???

  3. I just realized that I wrote ones to you regarding bunnies ? few months ago? I don’t remember faces? hopefully you still have it and hopefully it’s doing fine.

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