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Hey guys so after three years of having Poshmark I’m still not finished clearing out my closet. I post clothes, shoes and accessories that are brand new or only used once. (Although most people want stuff that’s like really used and worn out for some reason) ? I really need to get rid of everything so if you don’t have the poshmark app just download it and search up my name “Jailyne19” and add me. I’ll add you back ♥️

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  1. Alguna vez te han dicho que la vida sin ti no tiene ningún tipo de sentido?  Eres lo que me liga a la existencia, el único pensamiento que está siempre presente en mi cabeza, la única emoción que de verdad existe en el alma.

  2. Hi babes, I wanted to know if I can take you a free bathing suit to opus tmrw for you to wear & tag, let me know I’m sure you’ll love them. This is our page @skinnedbykai

  3. Olhei quase todas suas fotos.butiqui, voice continua mui bela como sempre, Voice mujer linda e maravilhosa e mui bela.acbo até que Voice non se lembra mas de mim, já me esqueceu, más E

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