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O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? @prettylittlething #princessvibes #noprincehere

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  1. Thou art here ???????????? With every beat
    There’s a miracle
    With every word
    There’s a dream
    With every sound
    There’s a song
    With every breath
    There’s a love
    With every weakness
    There’s a strength
    With every sickness
    There’s a cure
    With every defeat
    There’s a Victory
    With every death
    There is life
    With every King
    There’s a Queen…… Con cada latido
    Hay un milagro
    Con cada palabra
    Hay un sueño
    Con cada sonido
    Hay una cancion
    Con cada respiro
    Hay un amor
    Con cada debilidad
    Hay una fuerza
    Con cada enfermedad
    Hay una cura
    Con cada derrota
    Hay una victoria
    Con cada rey
    Hay una reina???????????

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