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Treat me nice or someone else will ?

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  1. Funny, I love you, you know?
    But funny why?
    Isn’t it so simple to love?
    Maybe I think it’s funny
    This your way
    It does so suddenly.
    I don’t understand you, you know?
    But maybe I don’t even understand myself!
    I don’t know if it’s because I love you
    And I’m not loved …
    But what does it matter?
    The sun heats and is not heated!
    You are beautiful, you know?
    Beautiful, but what is it like to be beautiful?
    It’s like spring
    Who ignores its charm,
    It’s like the rose
    Who ignores your perfume …
    It’s being like you!
    And how are you?
    It’s as simple as a smile,
    Humble as prayer!
    You give me happiness, you know?
    Happiness, but what is happiness?
    That’s your beautiful smile,
    It is your voice that gives me life!
    It was a day to find you and love you!
    But, why do I love you?
    It’s because my heart flutters
    When I see you, it’s because
    My eyes seek yours,
    It’s because my hands get cold
    And just warm up with yours,
    It’s because the smile only reigns
    On my lips when I have you,
    It’s because loving

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