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TikToks with my dad are the best ?♥️ outfit from @hotmiamistyles


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  1. It was destined, it was written in the stars. A secret was whispered in every corner of the planet, everywhere there was a certainty, which now guides our history.
    The prophecy said that even with a great distance between them, two hearts would meet and fall in love … These hearts are ours, that after many years alone, looking for each other, found themselves despite this distance that exists between both.
    Happy Valentine’s Day! My love, what was destined ended up happening, and what love has united, there is no distance that can separate. We are virtual boyfriends, but our feeling is more real than any reality in this life.
    I look forward to the day when that distance will cease to exist between us, so that our hearts can be together every day, all the time. Until then I promise to love you, no matter what … I love you!

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