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Had a weirdly emotional afternoon… Kane and I sat back and watched a bunch of our vlogs from the last few years and it made our hearts swell with gratitude for the amount of travel work we’ve been lucky enough to experience together. It’s so true what they say about not appreciating what you had until it’s gone,I just never thought I’d actually cry over not being able to go to work but today I did! ? For me, one of the best parts of travelling was meeting new people from all over the planet that shared a similar love for exploring new places. I would say most of my now ‘life long’ friends, are friends that I’ve met through travelling. The whole experience of my life has been so enriched #thanksToTravel ✈️ It has made me appreciate just how small we are individually but part of something so big and interconnected at the same time. We’re all in this together right now so let’s focus on keeping each other safe, staying at home, and remembering to keep dreaming. ? Where will YOU go for your first holiday after all this is over? ? #WeAreKomodo ? #Maldives #flashback #dreaming #holiday #travel

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  2. With all due respect, if you’re filled with gratitude, why wouldn’t you post a picture with these friends or experiences, sharing with your community something real, something personal, and something tangible. This is just a picture of you and demonstartes nothing of what you so emotionally value

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