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OMG! We moved out! And we need YOUR HELP! ? Between the bushfires and the coronavirus, Australia has had a tough start to 2020. The tourism industry has ground to a halt, resulting in families and businesses all struggling to stay afloat. THANKFULLY, As of June 1st 2020, travel restrictions have been lifted in Australia so we decided to pack up everything, and spend our usual rent money on local businesses and start exploring AUSTRALIA. We will be driving in our Tesla which is zero emissions too! ? SO, this is where we need you: If you have a cafe, or know of a great airbnb, or an amazing experience that you think we should go check out and vlog, please let us know ASAP! I set up a form on our website, so you can let us know on there and we’ll do our best to get there and vlog it! (Link in bio)

We really hope you enjoy Kane and Pia’s #BigAussieAdventure

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  1. Syd cafes- @thegrounds in Alexandria, @archiescafeco near Bondi with a great view of the Harbour Bridge or if in the western suburbs @vineandgrind for amazing mocha and food and @thepapermillfood at Liverpool-

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