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Ok let’s chat… will you keep social distancing until there’s a vaccine? What are your thoughts on it? ?

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  1. Red flag #1 – anything that is produced/ available soon will not have had proper testing
    Red flag #2 – the ingredients list is usually not public knowledge…. (why don’t they tell us what is in it.. when it’s going into our body? Weirdd)
    Red flag #3 – implementing mandatory vaccines for specific jobs / travel etc is a violation of human rights.
    I was all for getting it if it means I can get back on a flight ASAP but after doing some of my own research I have realised how little I know. And why would I inject something into my body that I have no idea about? That’s pretty extreme if you ask me.

  2. I am pro-medicine just as I am pro-choice, pro-informed consent and pro-medical freedom.  I believe it is always important that we all have a choice about what goes into our bodies ?

  3. No Covid vaccine for us! There’s a 99+% recovery rate…. I’d rather focus on fueling my body and immune system naturally to be able to deal with viruses like it’s created to do then keep pumping man made crap into it …. my body, my choice

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