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Country life in Australia ? LETS TALK…
I read an interesting article today that made some predictions about life post-COVID. It mentioned that for a lot of people the allure of living in the city has been lost, and instead people are far more interested in living a nomadic life, where they experience a new place as often as they wish, or finding some more space for themselves in the country. I must admit, Kane and I have been dreaming about the idea of a big backyard where we can grow veggies and muesli can run amok. I’m interested, do you live in the city? In an apartment or a house? By the coast or in the country? And has 2020 made you re-think how you want to spend your time? ?

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  1. Country living seems appealing but I think is going to be only a trend, people prefer to be among people and they love the city life. Thank you for your great vlogs and for the hard work that @vato and yourselves do, in order to deliver quality.??

  2. We bought a boat, currently live in Hervey Bay….swimming with the whales this weekend, with a plan to one day become cruisers…. addicted to sailing/cruising YouTube channels. The deep blue is calling ⛵??

  3. I live in Florida, west palm beach, my yard is 2 acres and I have a house and pool. May sound crazy but I have been loving the isolation and I have been wanting even more peace and quiet so I moved up to North Carolina to be alone in the mountains. But I think that the reason why I don’t mind and want to be alone more it’s because I really have no friends and nothing to do in Florida. So might as well travel ❤️

  4. I always thought that I was someone that would want to live by the beach but due to Covid I couldn’t travel out of the states this summer, and the only place I could go is in my moms house in North Carolina and it’s making me realize that maybe I’m not so much of a beach girl only and that I truly love mountains?

  5. I think Covid did the opposite for me! Hahaha. I live in a beach down about one hour from a large city and it’s made me wish I could’ve quarantined there. More parks, more walking trails, more access to better grocery stores, more/better restaurants for take out, etc. I understand how quickly Covid spreads in cities but I’m hoping my local cities get their numbers like NYC has now so I can go back out and explore. Plus, Covid made me really miss my friends and just seeing random people at bars.

  6. Country girl now, for about a year and definitely never ever ever ever moving back to the city. Our town doesn’t even have a traffic light! A few hours away from Sydney, but it’s fine and so grateful to be where we are since covid life!

  7. Absolutely, we went from living in a tiny apartment in the city to moving to a smaller town to a house with a backyard in the suburbs and love it! ?

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