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Happy hump day ??@fashionnova fashionnovapartner ✨finally went to the beach yesterday, it’s been toooo long. The sea has always been therapeutic for me. I’ve been feeling like a prisoner the last few months, this quarantine is stressful. I reflected on everything I took for granted in the last couple of years. I know I should be using this time wisely or more productively, and trust me I’ve been trying, but i just feel super unmotivated and uninspired. Taking it a day at a time feels like an endless labyrinth. Even my interactions with you guys are super surface level, It used to come way more natural/easier and I always felt like even through my darkness, I aspired to inspire but now I kinda just feel detached and out of reach. My platform used to be a space of healing for me and now I just don’t know anymore. Im working on finding my roots again because all I have is time. i miss my authenticity, I miss genuinely talking to my real ones on here but it’s hard to help people when you feel helpless. I’ll forever be on the pursuit of becoming the best version of myself, embodying the vision of who I want to be. Anyways, I just had to vent, hope you’re all well mentally, emotionally and physically. We’re in this together. Sending all my love. ?? te amo!

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  1. Prisoner? The only prisoner i feel you bby the only prisoner i see is the one locked in my heart! And is you my heart! And thats not no joke ?♥️

  2. She got that plantain chip For her plantain hips Can I get a taste of ur plaintain dip lol ur photo made me rap

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