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The older I get the more beautiful life becomes. ???

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  1. Living the unedited naturalness

    Question- how do you get your makeup to stay on during heatwaves without it sweating off?

  2. GIMME SOME Val! Who said that! That guy over there did it, rude huh. Com’on, she just left with my feelings for her, but he’s the wrong guy.

  3. That wrong guy is suppose to be “mE EmCee”. I need a “yOu EmCee” (Lipstick on, body lotioned down, perfume on, hair lovely & LeGs SpReAd WiDE 2WaRdS mE ?✨(I gotta know what to do nOw?). Damn Shame ? ⛲? ?️? Hellooo? Tilt I ain’t mad, you kinda right??

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